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These are the bases that have maintained us for 20 years in the market with excellent client satisfaction feedback.



Our personal and direct relationship with the Client is fundamental to guarantee quality and speed in the exchange of information. Having a cohesive and constant team, we are able to provide individualized service in which the Client finds their lawyer to be a true partner who knows the daily reality of their company.




The only way to propose effective responses to the needs of companies inside and outside the legal sector. We have a team of partners made up of accountants, economists, customs agents, industrial property agents, etc., delivering complete solutions to our Clients.



The new economic reality brings with it a new form of client-lawyer relationship. The client should be seen as a partner and the lawyer should not be limited to solving last minute problems and crisis. In this sense, our firm has a bold position proposing innovative alternatives to business.



We work fluently in several languages, have overseas consultants on our team and are part of international advisory networks. These tools make it possible to advise our clients, foreign investors interested in Brazil, as well as Brazilian investors abroad.



The firm is very conscious of the need for objectivity and speed in responding to business problems. Legal issues are dealt with in a practical way, indicating the best solution not only from a legal point of view, but also an economic one.




We also have Civil Liability Insurance from ACE insurance.

Our commitment against the CORRUPTION can be accessed through the link. Our ethical-professional principles are in line with the OAB's Code of Ethics.

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